Tuesday, January 29, 2019

German immigrant Sandra came after 9/11

“I am very much for immigration as I did this. I did the paperwork. I did the doctor visits. Blood work, chest x ray and physical. My mother had to give her financial info and so did my husbands family. Not really a pleasant thing to go through but I wanted to move here so I did all that was necessary to get it done. I stayed a “legal alien” for many years until I felt home was the US and not Germany anymore.

To see people cut in line and totally ignore the laws of this country really bothers me. It’s unfair and quite frankly super disrespectful to the people that you claim you want to live with.
America first is long overdo as I heard the “Ami get out” during the times I lived in Germany. They want your money and protection but not your presence or opinion. When crap goes down they want the US to come and clean it up. For free.

No, enough is enough.

I am tired of the lies told every day. We Trump supporters are not racist. As a matter of fact I only hear and see rich liberals pointing out skin color.

It’s a plan orchestrated for 2020. Let’s paint Trump as a racist and all his supporters will be ashamed and sadly frightened to wear their MAGA hats. It’s started people and the media only shows what they want us to see.

Stay positive, be kind, talk to family and friends. Lead by example. But call out the liars and expose them.”

From her Walk away post.

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