Monday, January 21, 2019

White Christians accosted in DC while waiting for bus

A group of Catholic teens from Covington, KY were in DC for the March for Life this past week-end. The next day while waiting for the bus to take them to the march location they were accosted by both a black supremacist "Hebrew" group and a native American guy who shows up at rallies to protest ancient history. Being kids, they initially thought the Indian was performing and they joined in, before realizing they were under attack. Because a few had MAGA hats, they were fair game. The blacks were shouting gay slurs at the boys—not just reading Bibles as CNN reported. The media ran with the story that the kids were the ones causing the problem, twitter spread it, and their own school didn't support them--of course did no research. Now the full video is out (not the 30 seconds shown on social media). There was racist name calling directed at the teens, and shame on all those fake news sources [and their own school], and congratulations to the kids for keeping their cool until the truth came out. White males are under attack; pro-lifers are under attack; people who support our president are under attack. Our Fox 28 here in Columbus carried the fake story without ever checking for facts.

The clip that went viral was about 30 seconds—but there is full video available.  No taunting even in the viral clip, as CNN claimed. The teen just stood quietly and the total stranger who claims to be an Indian and VietNam vet (to the media) bangs a drum in his face. Remarkable restraint from a 16 year old. CNN should be ashamed for their lies. There's no video of any of the things they accused the kids of. There was no clash. The cult of Hebrew blacks who were calling the children disgusting names about homosexuality and incest, are treated as Biblical prophets by the racist CNN rip and read babe.

The media gave these children more attention than they gave the whole March for Life which was filled with teens and millennials, marching for the lives and rights of the unborn. Little did they know they'd be stripped of their own rights while waiting for a bus. For just standing there singing and goofing around like kids do.

Be very afraid for your sons and brothers, your husbands and friends. Anti-life, anti-Christian Marxism is coming after them, and too many Christians and conservatives are willing to grab at anything they see on-line and take it for truth just so they can run for cover from the lies. Remember the Duke Lacrosse team smear of 2006? That was anti-white, anti-male. That took months to reveal--now it happens in minutes, and lives are ruined, families threatened by internet goons.

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