Monday, January 14, 2019

Post abortion recovery

On today’s prayer list (via e-mail) from PDHC, I noticed a request for the 8 women participating in the post abortion recovery program, Living in Color—to pray for restoration, healing, and growth in their faith . So I looked that up to see if it were local or national. Post abortion means 10-20-even 50 years later.  Did you know post abortion women are at risk for death—not from the procedure but from homicide, suicide and disease?  There’s something in nature that doesn’t support abortion.  There is a terrible sadness that boomerangs after the initial sense of release and resolving a difficult situation. 

Pregnancy Decision Health Centers, 665 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Suite 120, Columbus, OH 43229  Call or Text: 614-444-4411

Living in Color (2nd Edition) is a post-abortion recovery and healing program designed for use by a small, facilitator-led support group. However, it is equally suitable for a person making her recovery journey alone, or in the company of a mentor, pastor or counselor. A Living in Color Facilitator's Guide is available for those leading support groups from Dr Theresa Burke coined the phrase "forbidden grief" to describe the sadness and pain felt by many women following their abortion decision. This pain is seldom confined to the loss of a child: many also lose relationships, self-worth and hope for the future. These losses must be grieved and, as with all grieving journeys, this involves processing emotional responses such as relief, denial, guilt, shame, depression, anger and forgiveness. The post-abortive woman also needs to allow herself to "know" her child in order to say "goodbye for now." Having processed her grief, it is important to pay attention to what comes next. Many women discover that their healing journeys teach them many life lessons that contribute to increased strength of character, wisdom, vision and hope. The final chapter of the program celebrates the process of emerging from the "grey zone" of unresolved loss into a life of color, freedom, and joy.

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