Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Democrats are just being honest about who they are

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has pushed Democrats out of the closet--they are finally honest about who they are. Elizabeth Warren wants to tax wealth instead of income, Kamala Harris wants to raise taxes and make all medical care free for the asking, getting rid of health insurance, and Julian Castro thinks a 70% tax rate (AOC's suggestion) is too low--he's going for 90%. Meanwhile, Venezuela is in chaos--people are starving while the rulers stash away money for what they know is coming, Cuba looks like a 1950s used car lot, North Koreans don't have food or electricity, and 100 million East Europeans, Russians and Chinese are dead. All is forgotten by gen-x and millennial snowflakes due to erosion of the education system that began before their parents were born. It's been 30 years since Americans naively believed when that wall came down between the Germanys, Communism had failed. We have several generations who are reanimating the Socialist Zombies of history.

And what countries had the most liberal abortion laws in history, and are now suffering for it? USSR and China. Democrats are pushing that too.

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