Thursday, January 24, 2019

What Obama promised us

There was a time before Obama became president, that he was the ONLY politician in the nation radical enough to vote for something like what New York has just passed. Well, he did promise to fundamentally transform the country, and unfortunately, he did.

But at least when Obama cast his vote against babies, the people of Illinois did not cheer and celebrate (he was a state senator then).

Now that New York has codified the killing of full term babies, they will begin (or continue) the efforts on the other end of life—euthanasia of the elderly or disabled.   Don’t wait.  Print off the POLST form and read it carefully.  You do NOT want to sign this form. But you definitely want to read it.

Dr. Gosnell was our biggest mass murderer until the NY legislature and Gov. Cuomo, and now will the doctor at Mt. Carmel hospital in Columbus who has killed 34 patients (more to come) with fentanyl be considered just ahead of his time in euthanasia of the elderly and disabled?

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