Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Can you imagine the evil that undergirds the Trump hatred

A Los Angeles DJ called For Covington Catholic School in Kentucky to be burned down – with kids locked inside.

Since people who voted for Trump are called racists and homophobes, then should we say all who didn’t vote with him, who dislike or hate him or who voted for Clinton, are at the level of this DJ?  Or the person who wanted to put these teens into a wood chopper? Or the SNL writer who offered oral sex to anyone who would smash their faces.  Is that how much all DEMOCRATS hate?

And what about the lily livered Conservatives and Catholic leaders who were willing to believe all the lies? Do you Democrats now like them more?

This incident of a bunch of kids waiting for a bus accosted by a black cult has really revealed some ugliness in the media, the church, and in the Democrats, who have still not condemned this form of child abuse.

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