Monday, January 28, 2019

We have a hate hoax problem--hate speech from the media

The media hate hoax which defamed a teen age boy needs some context.
"Consider, for example, “violence against women,” a problem allegedly so prevalent in America as to require federal legislation to suppress it. Yet reports of such crimes are often ignored by feminists, even when the violence particularly heinous. In 2017, a 15-year-old girl was rescued from a gang that had forced her into prostitution in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. Police say the gang had pimped out the girl since age 14 and she was savagely beaten with baseball bats when she didn’t turn enough tricks. Feminists have utterly ignored this case because the gang was MS-13, and at least one of the perpetrators was in the country illegally. “Violence against women” doesn’t interest feminists when it’s committed by illegal aliens, because calling attention to these crimes might help increase support for Trump’s border-enforcement policies — perish the thought!
The media’s anti-Trump agenda is what led them into their catastrophic blunder in the Covington Catholic incident. Because several of the students, including Nick Sandmann, were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, the network TV producers were only too eager to agree with the Colorado teacher who pronounced them “Hitler Youth.” Plenty of liberal journalists have stated their belief that Trump is a latter-day Hitler, and by this logic the nearly 63 million Americans who voted for Trump must be crypto-Nazis. So when the video clip of Phillips in a face-off with the Kentucky students surfaced online Jan. 19, the folks at CNN, MSNBC, and other left-wing “news” operations were easily persuaded that Phillips was an innocent victim . . ."
Have the Trump haters (of him and the voters) learned anything from this.  Of course not--they were just coming of the fake Buzzfeed fiasco.

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