Monday, January 28, 2019

Walls, fences, passwords, locks and security systems

I don't know if Meryl Streep’s mansion has a fancy wall around it or not (saw a photo on the internet, but you just never know), but I do know the "open border" liberals I know are not compassionate about others invading their space or belongings. They have locks on their doors, windows, phones; they have fire walls, security systems, passwords; they have their pets tattooed, locks on their bikes, fences made of steel, brick, concrete or even an electric wire to keep out the neighbors' dogs and burglars; they have play pens to keep an eye on their kids, a cloud to take care of their computer documents, a safe to hold their jewelry and guns; they use a fingerprint to open their I-pad, or their office elevator, they have garage door openers--which btw--don't open without the gizmo; they have safe deposit boxes and pin numbers on their library cards and credit cards. My open border friends want aliens to vote, but they personally don't want to pay the taxes if they don't live in my township/city/state which have boundaries. Some open border liberals, particularly the young ones, think there are "safe spaces" with imaginary boundaries where no conservative, Trump supporter, or Republican can wear a red MAGA hat.

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