Sunday, March 05, 2006

2241 You've probably met Mr. Pyle

Whether you're a teacher, or a librarian, or a store manager, or a supervisor of a brake shop, you've got one of these guys to deal with. They make going to work generate thoughts of changing jobs. This one happens to be a special ed teacher. He's always expecting someone else to be doing his job.

"The guy is a poster child for what is wrong with a minority of teachers, specifically in special education. Teaching is hard work, no doubt about it. Most of us roll up our sleeves and go to work doing many thankless tasks. But there are some who will whine and complain about every single thing and then wonder why they don’t get paid more. It’s for the kids. We serve them and their parents, not the other way around."

However, The life that chose me will certainly give you a new appreciation for special ed teachers. To see what his "typical day" is like scroll to the bottom of this page.

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