Friday, March 17, 2006

2288 Workshops for guitarists in Ohio

Back in the 80s I thought I'd learn to play the guitar--it was part of my "mid-life crisis plan." 1) Get my ears pierced, 2) learn guitar, 3) take aerobic dance. I don't have any ear lobes to speak of, so it sounded like a good idea. Got my kids all excited that Mom was going to "get with it." Well, I never did #1 (squeamish) or #2 (too difficult), but I did take aerobic dance for several years, lost about 15 lbs and found a job through one of the instructors.

After listening to The Chapin Sisters, I thought I'd throw in this information about the Fur Peace Ranch in Meigs County, Ohio. Jorma Kaukonen, guitarist for Hot Tuna and a founding member of Jefferson Airplane and his wife run the place and offer instruction. Here's the web site. I saw an article about it in the March 2006 Kiplinger's. "If you don't have a creative outlet, you wake up one day and you're 65 years old with nothing better to do than walk the mall in shoes with Velcro closures." [quote from that issue]

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