Friday, March 10, 2006

2263 Good-bye Yellow Brick Road

may be just about the best blog you'll ever read about how we got from vinyl to i-Pod in the lifetime of a 32 year old. As a child he made cassette tapes from his parents' records; he remembers when he discovered CDs and replacing the tape deck in his car; and his first experience with MP3, then iPod and iTunes.

"Like many revolutions, this one happened quietly for years, and then snapped into sharp focus in one instant. For me, it was a party here at the house. Heather and I had friends over and we were all standing around in the living room. A few of the guests started pouring over my CDs - these physical reminders, this luggage I've carted around for years. They were reading off the names, the titles, and I had a sudden revelation: I hadn't bought a CD in years. Many years.

My CDs had become this snapshot of who I was, like carrying around a driver's license with a 5 year-old photo where you're wearing old glasses and a shirt you wouldn't be caught dead in now. And here I was displaying them like a shrine in an immense tower in my living room."

Read the whole amazing, interesting story.

At least it was a eye-opener review of technology for me. The last time we were up-to-date in the recorded music department was when we had a big old 4-door '69 deep green Olds with an 8-track tape deck and two baby seats in the backseat. And I thought we'd arrived!

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