Thursday, March 09, 2006

2256 Letters to the Editor

I write a lot of them. Then I get an e-mail back asking if my letter can be posted/published, and I always say NO. I have my opinion, but it is for their eyes only. Most recently I got responses from Wired, and a medical journal (can't remember which one). If your letter (of constructive, witty criticism) is published you get a stuffy response from the author of the article, or a snarky one from another reader who didn't even read past the first "however."

However, Architectural Digest publishes the most fabulous "letters to the editor"--they always make me want to go back and pick up that issue, because I never, never have a memory of the article or the issue being THAT terrific.

For example, the April letters about the January issue:

"The January 2006 was the best I've ever read. . ."
"It's work like that which makes your magazine the benchmark. . ."
"When I'm asked what I want for Christmas my reply is subscription to AD. . ."
"Never before have I read an issue cover to cover. . ."
"I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the January issue. . ."

From the March issue (I never, never give away my Hollywood issue, so don't ask), more on the January issue:

"By comparing the advice of the experts and incorporating their lists of dos and don'ts with my own tastes, I have embarked on an adverture. . ."
"Your January issue was remarkable. . ."
I loved the advice. . .on how to make small rooms appear bigger. . ."
"taken his consistently excellent work to new heights. . ."

Guess I'll have to go find the January issue. I don't remember it at all.

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