Monday, March 27, 2006

2321 Blog site Housekeeping

I really like the pre-packaged template I use from blogger, but it is fairly common and sometimes I think (after clicking around) I'm back on my page, but I'm on someone else who uses that same parchment and wallpaper look. So I've changed the side margins to reflect my own books. See those tall black leather bound volumes? My favorite books. I inherited 11th, 12th and 13th ed. of Encyclopedia Britannica, and that's what shows in the repeat, plus some of my kitty boxes and other books. Also I went into the help section and figured out how to reverse my archives so the most recent would be on top.

I took a peek at the Truth Laid Bear and discovered I am now #203, although I have no idea what that really means except today Blue Star Chronicles is #67 and Median Sib is #100--they are sisters that I always read along with their sister Joan and cousin Jane (I'd link, but it's been kicking IE out). "The family that blogs together . . . just might have a liberal brother blogger." Lately, I haven't been reading Blue Star Beth as often because she has so many things on it, it takes too much time to load. But that helps stats.
TLB always flat lines me a 71 hits a day, which isn't true. I get several hundred. Last week I was checking my site meter and for some reason last Wednesday I had over 500 page hits, and I think that was my busiest day ever, although I have no idea why. Something must have been in the news that pinged a story in my archives. Since I only track 100 at a time, most of it had scrolled by before I noticed. Thursday Thirteen has definitely caused an uptick in traffic (I started in January), and Monday Memories slightly so. And I swear, at least two out of every hundred are trying to figure out how to fix a broken zipper, a topic from October 2004.

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ljmcinnis said...

I really like the "new look" and am impressed with how tech savvy you are! Clever Lady.