Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2328 This is a secret?

"It's no secret. On a normal weekday (without prompting from CNN), more than 70,000 distinct visitors come to the FAS web site [Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy] to view hundreds of thousands of archived documents. Over 11,000 individuals now subscribe to Secrecy News directly, and innumerable others receive it through secondary distribution."

Is this where leakers go to work when they get out of jail?

Some history of secrecy--only 6 p.

A lexicon so you can understand all the secret stuff--unfortunately, its 346 p. It would be really useful if you're writing a novel, or if you are a conspiratist, or a librarian trying to foil the anti-terrorist activities of the government. I learned that PSAs aren't just for prostate cancer, they are Presidential Support Activities. There are so many on-line links to documents about secrecy, this thesis will make your nose itch. I don't think there are any secrets.

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Bonita said...

Norma, I think you were a spy in a former lifetime.... :)