Monday, March 27, 2006

2319 More ignorance about Christians

Robyn Blumner, a columnist for the St. Petersburg Times, writes from behind a shield of cultural bias about evangelicals today. She's upset that Bush claims ignorance about the various apocalyptic predictions for the Middle East. Well, doh! Who can keep track? If you get 3 Christians together, you'll get at least 2 viewpoints on end times, and the third (that'd be me or the President) will be clueless. (Actually, I won't take the paraphrase of a liberal columnist for anything the President said, but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt here because she wants so badly to believe it.)

I'm a Christian and I'm not a tribulationist or dispensationalist. I couldn't tell a pre-trib from a mid-trib from a rapture prediction. And millions and millions of committed Christians don't see the modern day political entity called Israel as the one who benefits from all God's promises in the Old Testament. I know this; and I think the President does too. Someday Jesus is coming back. I know that because, like the song says, the Bible tells me so. I'm supposed to be ready and busy, because it could be tomorrow, or it may never happen in my life time (in which case I don't need to worry). I don't need to read the newspaper headlines, the Christian bloggers or the stars to believe this.

She's right that many dispensationalists voted for Bush. Like most of us, Christian or not, they probably couldn't figure out where Kerry stood on anything or stomach abandoning the Iraqis the way his post-Vietnam record (did you know he served?) would predict a similar diaster in this century. However, I'm guessing there's a few more issues conservative Christians have in common with the President other than support for Israel. They may have even hoped he'd keep on task about saving social security and securing the borders. Note to Robyn: brush up on what Christians believe. We're not peas in a pod.

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