Tuesday, March 14, 2006

2277 Have they no shame?

This morning I went to the sweeper repair shop to pick up my wonderful Panasonic vacuum cleaner and noticed the police were there and the front door was busted with glass broken. Fortunately, an alarm or someone must have scared the bad guys away, and they weren't successful. "What were they trying to steal?" I asked the owner, thinking maybe they were after cash or something. "Oh, the vacuum sweepers--they go fast on the street." Imagine. Clean and tidy thieves and fences. Do you suppose a thief is dumb enough to give his girl friend a vacuum cleaner as a gift?

I don't remember when I got this sweeper, but I know I ruined one by vacuuming up paint dust when we were sanding the window trim in the dining room of our former home before painting (don't ever do that--ruins the motor because the dust is so fine). So I'm thinking 30 years? And this is the first repair or tune up it's ever had. The owner of the repair shop told me that some of today's models barely last 2-3 years--and he showed me one that had just been brought in.

Mine is a good machine--the new Panasonics like it but with a few more amps (12 instead of 7) cost about $299, and he'll give me a trade in on this one worth $50. But I think I'll just hang on to it for another 30 years. They'll have to pry it out of my hand for the funeral.

Dust mite is smaller than the size of this period.

If your spouse or kids wants to know why you are washing all the bedding in the middle of the week, tell them it's because Norma said they are full of dust mites. Although not as many as reported by the Wall St. Journal.

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Anvilcloud said...

We have a Panasonic too. Very reliable.

You have very neat-freak thieves there.