Thursday, March 09, 2006

2257 The Armenian Genocide

Two weeks ago, PBS announced "that its upcoming documentary, "The Armenian Genocide," will be followed on some stations by a panel discussion featuring two so-called scholars who claim that the genocide is a myth. Worse, according to genocide historian Peter Balakian, PBS threatened to pull the documentary if he and another genocide scholar declined to participate "on the other side" in the panel discussion, which was taped in January. Although the documentary is not slated to run until April, programmers across the country are now deciding whether to air it at all, air it alone or air it with the taped debate."

Story in LATimes, an OpEd piece written by Aris Janigian (registration). Frankly, I didn't know any serious, intelligent person doubted the murder, rape, torture and starvation of millions of Armenians. Where do they think all these Armenian-Americans came from? If our political ties with the Turks are the reason, I'm just not impressed. Bad, bad PBS!

Janigian continues: "Why has PBS resorted to double-speak in regard to the Armenian genocide? The answer is simple: PBS is capitulating to politics. For years the Turks, America's so-called allies, have issued threats against any organization or country that challenges their quack reading of history. When the French recognized the Armenian genocide, the Turks recalled their ambassador to France, boycotted French products and canceled military contracts. They have threatened to withdraw strategic support from our country if we should dare make the same mistake."

Washington Post article


Dancing Boys Mom said...

Yeah, why believe eye-witness accounts when you can cover your eyes and bury your head in the sand? Funny how PBS has no qualms promoting homosexuality and a slew (sp?) of other hyper-liberal ideals but can't stomach the truth.

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

You might find this post on the Armenian Genocide interesting.