Saturday, March 25, 2006

2316 School uniforms benefit the kids, schools and parents

In today's Columbus Dispatch there was an Op Ed written by a 16 year old girl, Tracy Somers, who attends a Catholic high school where uniforms are required. She defends the uniform policy and thinks her points are valid whether or not the school is religious.

1. Uniforms do not take away one's individuality--if anything, they enhance it.
2. Uniforms do enhance the learning environment. On the occasional "dress down" day, she can see the results of rowdy behavior, slouching, and the time spent admiring each other's outfits instead of paying attention to the task at hand.
3. Students who wear uniforms (which she calls uniformly ugly) learn to ignore outside influences--they help build their pride and self-esteem. (Apparently, people stare at them in public.)
4. Uniforms save her time when preparing for school in the morning.
5. Schools with uniforms rarely report violence.

No, this isn't it; just thought it was a cool way to show your school uniform

While I was reading this op ed, three Future Farmers of America (FFA) came in the coffee shop. Essentially, they wear the same jacket their members wore 50 years ago when I was in high school and it still looks terrific. I stopped and spoke to them--two girls and a boy, and they were pleasant and well spoken. Between the Catholic students and the farm kids, I think the country's in good hands for the future.


Anonymous said...

hey, i'm still making the rounds from the tt, but you've posted so much since then i didn't want to leave a comment way down there.
my kids have all gone to catholic schools that require them to wear uniforms and one other item that you forgot to mention was the safety factor, someone walking the halls of a catholic high school not in uniform stands out a mile away. in this day and age where sadly, the schools now practice lock down procedures and all of my kids have actually been in lock down situations, it's a huge help in making sure there are no outsider intruders roaming the school.

Norma said...

I'd never thought about that--and possibly the student who wrote the article didn't know what goes on in public schools!

Unknown said...

Norma - My son wears a uniform to school and he likes it. It is a second skin to him. It shows that he belongs to a community and ties him to that community. I think there's a lot good to be said for school uniforms.