Friday, March 17, 2006

2289 My new Cat's Meow

I collect Cat's Meow lighthouses--there are far more produced than what I have, and I haven't found any in recent years. This week my friend Bev gave me a new one, "Marblehead Lighthouse and Perry's Monument" painted in 2005. I keep them at our cottage on Lake Erie.

On the back: "Marblehead Lighthouse and Perry's Monument Marblehead, Ohio Marblehead Lighthouse, at the entrance to Sandusky Bay, is the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation on the Great Lakes. Built from native limestone in 1821 for $5,000, the tower stood 50 feet tall; 15 feet more were added at the turn of the 20th century. Over the years 15 keepers, including two women, cared for the light which began as 13 whale oil lamps. Today the beacon projects a green signal visible for 11 nautical miles." [This painting by my husband is of the keeper's cottage.]

Cat's Meow products always have the little black cat in the painting which is done on a wood cutout which are not 3 dimensional. Unless I've never seen it from this angle, I'm not sure Perry's would look this close. However, it is a delightful addition to our little cottage.

The webpage is lots of fun with far more variety of products than I imagined (because I only look for lighthouses). I didn't even know Cat's Meow was located in Wooster, Ohio!

I also have a few Sheila lighthouses, which are 3 dimensional.

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