Wednesday, March 29, 2006

2331 Ready for prom?

About 20 years ago my brother-in-law's son brought him a little orchid plant in a plastic bag returning from a tour of duty in Korea. It is now doing its twice a year prom dance and this year has 12 blooms. He is a horticulture/hobbyist and has always had a lovely flower garden. At his touch green things and people just flourish. He's also written how-to columns for magazines and has published a book on Purple Martins. Since it is my policy to not mention family members' names (unless I slip) you'll just have to guess whether these orchids are blooming in California, Illinois or Indiana where I have dear hyphenated brothers. According to Robert Louis Dressler, for the orchid family there are 5 subfamilies, 22 tribes, 70 subtribes, about 850 genera and about 20,000 species, so you'll also need to guess about this 20 year old, because I don't know its name.

And then there's my efforts.


Anvilcloud said...

Holy freaking template batwoman.

Norma said...

Are you guessing the name of the orchid or admiring my new template design?

Dancing Boys Mom said...

The orchid is just gorgeous. I'm inspired.

Oh, and I love the template too. Is this really your library? It's pretty neat.

Norma said...

Yes, this bookshelf is next to the living room window. Fortunately, dust doesn't show with a old, inexpensive digital camera.