Monday, March 13, 2006

2274 Catholic parents: what are you paying for?

Sometimes Glenn Beck is really the "sick twisted freak" he calls himself. However, if most of your news stories come from the cable or network news, listening to his homegrown hysteria is sometimes enlightening. Like the time he interviewed Columbus' mayor live about the assault on a disabled student, but that's not this story. This morning he told about attending his daughter's performance in her Catholic high school play. Nunsense. With 13-17 year olds.

Beck is a former Catholic (now a Mormon), but his daughters from his first marriage attend a private Catholic high school. He started the program by reporting that his eldest told him, after the fact, that her theology teacher at this school had denied all Jesus' miracles and the resurrection, that they were just nice stories to make a point. Then he moved on to describe the stage production (which even when he mentioned the title I knew was way too wrong for teeny-boppers) where the sexual innuendo, ribald jokes, and ridicule of Roman Catholic doctrine were horribly out of place being performed by children in a Catholic school. He told of them swinging their crucifix on their belts, and pretending to perform sex acts to ridicule the Virgin Birth. He said if such an outrage were performed in a public school, Catholics would storm the administration and school board, but since it was a Catholic school, no one seemed to object. Except him. A Mormon. He is outraged that he is paying for a Catholic education that is ridiculing Catholic doctrine and faith.

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