Friday, March 31, 2006

2337 Librarian on e-Bay

As I was adding the technorati tags to my recent entries on librarians, I came across an entry called, "Librarian on e-Bay." Oh, no! I thought. Some poor underpaid librarian has sold herself to the highest bidder to pay the rent and buy the baby shoes. Would it be for a research project due by Monday, installing new software, or an assignation in the stacks? (At Ohio State our stacks supervisors in the 90s had to have all the walls in the stairwells scrubbed down with disinfectant, repainted and bright lights installed, if you get my drift).

But it was just a category. Whew! Still lots of fun to browse. I found a Seth Thomas clock, librarian model; a sexy blonde Librarian vampire; jewelry for a newly minted Librarianista; a cache of retro 1970s "librarian skirts" that hadn't even been pressed for the photo (negative stereotype); a WWII army hostess librarian patch; a Mrs. Loan the librarian (another negative stereotype); and a "Librarian, quest for the spear" DVD. There were many, many more, but I must move on. Is there an archives somewhere deep in the bowels of the ALA headquarters for librarian kitsch?
The Librarian, DVD
Jewelry for your favorite librarian

Mrs. Loan

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