Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2327 Killah must laugh all the way to the bank

supported by all the white kids who take him seriously and make him rich. He got a 4 star review in USAToday today. And he was warmly praised in the NYT Critics' Choice yesterday. And a write up in The New Yorker. The title of the latest album is "Fishscale," the street word for uncut cocaine. Oh! for Old Blue Eyes (whom I didn't particularly like until rap and hip hop started turning up, even in church) and his ties with the mob and the Kennedys. The New Yorker says Killah looks like a cross between Frank Sinatra and a jewel thief. Huh? Here's a toe tapper.

Big heavy pots over hot stoves
Mayonnaise jars and water
With rocks in 'em
Got my whole project outta order

Kilo is a thousand grams
Beige, gold, brown, dirty, fluffy, tan
Extract oil come from Cuban plants."

Aside from the lovely name, Killah, his themes are dealing cocaine, violence in graphic detail, stick-ups gone bad, and general, all around mayhem, like some dirty laundry about getting beaten by his mother. He grew up Dennis Coles on Staten Island. He's even marketed a doll action figure of himself. How cute.

“For those that don’t have no soul, y’all wouldn’t really understand or know where the fuck I’m coming from when I play shit like that,” he said. New Yorker
That'd be me

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Count me in, too.