Friday, March 10, 2006

2262 "Together, America can do better"

Rosa Brooks in the LATimes [registration] writes on March 10 about the Democrats sloganeering:

"You can do better" is what you say to a dim child whose grades were even worse than expected. Is this really the Democrats' message to the nation: that we don't need to be quite as pathetic as we now are, though excellence is certainly beyond our reach?

This slogan speaks not of hope but of hopelessness, of scaled-down ambitions, of dreams deferred and dreams denied."

Brooks has got a point; silly me, I just thought it didn't sound grammatical or accurate. I can see "Together, Americans. . ., but . . . singular? It sounds like they've left out something--Canada? Mexico? Aren't we the United States?

"And as a message, "Let America be America again" [Kerry's discredited campaign slogan] sure beats "Hello, you've reached the Democratic Party. We're not home right now." " [Brooks]

Or, "we're out to lunch," works for me.

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