Saturday, March 11, 2006

2266 Six visitors

We live in the middle of a metropolitan area of about a 1.6 million people, in suburbia, with the newer suburbs spreading out many miles beyond us. But here's what was in our back yard in January. Six deer. Two rivers flow through Columbus, and I think they hang around the flood plains and river beds, working further down into the city. We have two creeks surrounding our complex which eventually flow into the rivers through many trees, so the deer make their way here. Grazing as they go. Sometimes bringing the babies. If they try to eat my flowers, they'll be disappointed, or have stomachs of iron. I plant only artificial blooms.

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Trouble said...

sounds familiar. I have learned to only plant certain plants because we also have furry visitors (deer) in our yard most of the spring/summer/fall until hunting season, when they disappear.