Friday, March 31, 2006

2338 Was my address

for 34 years! That's what my kids call home. And that's a lot of blogging. Anyway, I want to tell you about this fun site. I found it on at least 3 Thursday Thirteeners yesterday. There's really nothing for someone my age, and each time I tried to dress her in a trench coat with a briefcase and sensible shoes, all her clothes were wisked off except her pink underwear, and she even lost her left arm! Come on! We can't all look like ladies of the night!

Off to church

Friday night date at Rusty Bucket

Stroll in the park

You can change the hairstyles, facial features, add pets, background, but the clothes are pretty limited. Also not very many blue eyes, and absolutely no options for wrinkles or amplitude or gray hair! You can save, or e-mail or print. Kids from 5 to 95 would have a great time with this.


Dancing Boys Mom said...

That was fun. I wish I wasn't completely computer illiterate. I kept getting extra things on there that I couldn't get off. Oh, well. thanks.

Joan said...

This looks like fun. I hope to try it soon. Most of my blog time recently has been taken up with trying to figure out how to get my sidebar to come back to the top! I have been doing the HTML tutorials so I can see what is in my template.

I enjoyed reading all your new posts this morning.

Thanks for your addition to my Thursday 13 post.