Monday, May 08, 2017

A comment to Fox

I e-mailed a comment to Fox: "I'm going through my subscription list to conservative YouTube channels because the Fox news coverage and opinion shows have degenerated into pale reflections of the other news channels. I’ll just have to piece my own programming together. It was a good run, Fox, and I don't know why you are changing unless bought off by Soros, but I don't know any Conservatives who will bother turning you on today."

It's annoying to try to scrape together information, but it's certainly more challenging mentally.  The YouTube channels usually present topics that are 8-10 minutes long and don't have cat videos.

For news I'm using EWTN, Judicial Watch, Western Journalism, Common Sense TV, Michael Massie, PragerU, The Burning Red, Daily Liberty, and so forth.

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