Friday, May 05, 2017

Liberal librarians aren't enough; must be radical

Do you need a template for every ridiculous thing radicals and anarchists are against? How about the Little Free Library, those cute little cubby holes that allow you to trade books and pick one you like? They hold maybe 10-15 books and can be seen in a variety of neighborhoods. Radical librarians don't like them because they represent the corporatization of non-profits, and other twaddle to obscure to repeat.
"LFL® does not seek to determine how many people have actually improved their literacy or increased their access to books of interest. Building a box of books is one thing. Ensuring that the contents are maintained, relevant to the population being served and consistently stocked is quite another."
Having a public library branch a mile away is also no guarantee there will be anything I want to read even if well maintained and filled with TV movies, cook books and soft porn fiction.

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