Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Search engines also skewed to support Hillary Clinton

"So far we have found that between May and November 2016, search results displayed in response to a wide range of election-related search terms were, on average, biased in Mrs. Clinton’s favor in all 10 search-result positions," the study's authors write. "This bias could not be accounted for by the bias in the search terms themselves."

"The study even goes so far as to claim that without the bias in search results, the oft-cited lead Mrs. Clinton enjoyed in the popular vote would have been nearly eradicated. “[I]n articles published in February 2016 and thereafter, the lead author of the PNAS study predicted that a pro-Clinton bias in Google’s search results would, over time, shift at least 2.6 million votes to Clinton. She won the popular vote in the November election by 2,864,974 votes. Without the pro-Clinton bias in Google’s search results, her win margin in the popular vote might have been negligible.”

So you see, it pays to have an honest or at least a diverse media, and we don't have that today.  Even if you don't like Fox, or Breitbart or Town Hall, you should at least look at them.  They may have the key sentence your liberal/left is leaving out. Then you can return to CNN or ABC and catch on to what they are doing.



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