Thursday, May 11, 2017

New futon for my office

For several years I had a two seat wicker couch in my office. It's a small space, and I didn't want something big. But the couch mainly was used as a place to stack books and magazines, or when the cat was alive, she slept and sneezed there.  So I took that couch up to the lake house where it will replace the one bought in the 1980s, which will go to the street (for sale) on Memorial Day Week-end.  I looked through for something that might work.  I really don't get excited about futons, but this one looked like it might work.  Also has room for storage underneath. On Tuesday late afternoon it arrived on my doorstep, and the delivery man even brought it inside for me.  Bob put it together in about 10 minutes; cute little zipper in the back that held the legs.  Last night I lay down and took a 10 minute nap after supper--not much different than sleeping on the floor, but better than the wicker. I would never call this a guest bed, but for naps or watching TV it's fine. It cost about $230.   Don't ever throw anything away--I was sure I had some pillows I could use, but they must have gone in the last de-cluttering. Yes, those are my paintings.  The rest of the house is for Bob's paintings.

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