Sunday, May 07, 2017

Our new TV--again

Tuesday evening the TV wouldn't turn on.  It was fine Monday evening. Not a hint anything was wrong.  We really don't use the living room during the day, so it hadn't been turned off incorrectly and after calling our provider, Spectrum, we determined it was nothing from their end. Poof.  Gone.  So I back tracked through my blogs to see when we bought it.  December 18, 2009.  Seemed like yesterday, but it was 7.5 years. Right on target. The "fat" TV it replaced was 1994, and the one in the family room was 1985 (it has since been replaced also with a 32" flat screen RCA with a DVD slot and gets much more use).
"We looked at all of them and selected the Sony Bravio 32L5000 and bought the 4 year extended warranty, which usually we don't. However, the life expectancy of today's models aren't even close to our old "fat" models--we have 3 TVs of various sizes from the 1980s, and one from the early 90s. The clerk said 6-8 years for this one"
So we put our daughter on the search, just as she'd done in 2009.  She checked Best Buy and came up with this:  Samsung - 40" Class (39-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 1080p - HDTV - Black.  This is not a smart TV. It doesn't connect to wifi. But we can connect with ROKU to some stuff (I have no idea what that is, taking her word for it).

So after work on Friday she stopped by and she and Bob went shopping.  I think it only took them an hour, they dropped off the humongous box in the living room and the three of us went out for dinner.  Then we came back and she set it all up for us.  It's larger than our 32" flat screen Sony, but not so much that you'd notice.  The Sony had the screen framed with about 2" of plastic, and this one doesn't have that. We've noticed a difference in the sound since the speakers seem to be in a different location.

Then I asked her to do a bit of tweaking on my two computers.  Sure!  And after about 2 hours she was pooped and went home.  Good sport and super smart!  My favorite security program has been discontinued, so I'd added AVG, but couldn't dismantle Security Essentials so it would stop reminding me it wasn't working.  She took care of that.  One of  the former computer repairmen had added "Logmein" which is a program that allowed him to access my computer from his location.  That was years ago, and I didn't like having it, and didn't know how to get rid of it or if it was still working.  I have some basic skills, but the little packages of commands were spread through out the computer in numerous files.  After a number of tries, she finally got it removed, piece by piece.  Reminded me of Obamacare--buried everywhere in our system of government, even the state governments. A nasty thing to remove.

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