Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How a free media work today

Seth Rich case: Missing cache of thousands of e-mails, Clintons, DNC, dead body, no robbery, FBI stonewalled, strong hints from Wikileaks, DNC PR lawyer on the case, and silence from the broadcast and cable news. Russia interferring in 2016 election case: Thousands of rumors and anonymous leaks, DNC, Clintons, denial by Wikileaks, no evidence of a crime, and 24/7 reporting by the broadcast and cable news.

The blame Russia plan developed 24 hours after Hillary Clinton, the worst candidate they had, lost the election. But the plans to impeach Trump were developed before he became the nominee.  If every kooky idea about Russian hacking were proved false, they have 100 more waiting.

Just where would you go to find the truth on climate change, abortion, voter ID, Wikileaks, the DNC, medical insurance, the Syrian civil war, the payoff to Iran, the pull out in Iraq, Loretta Lynch's meeting with Bill Clinton, Benghazi, Hillary's health, etc. when all you have is Washington Post, AP, Reuters, New York Times, LA Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, academic research, etc.?  They are all on the same team according to a recent study from Harvard.  On the other hand, I am forced to watch, listen and read the "other side" all the time, and I have to search out an alternative point of view and different angles.

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