Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The budget

Republicans are handing the Democrats the next election. No, not impeachment, not the evil, unfair media that report 90% negative about Trump, but their splitting off and squabbling and internal, “but he promised” reasoning. Now we have the proposed budget to complain about. It’s the Congress’ responsibility, but we’re getting the whining about not enough ships for the Navy like he promised, or where’s my wall he promised, or where’s the infrastructure money he promised, or... literally, whose ox is gored by cutting the pork from Agriculture (which has actually become a giant food program and the rest special crop support). And then there were those horrified by his visit with Saudis, and the conservative Christians who don’t think Catholics are even Christians so why is he visiting the Pope, and the moderate Christians who think the Pope is a socialist. Yes, the swamp is full of bureaucrats, Democrat appointees and civil service employees who make 3x what people in the real world earn, but in draining the swamp, he needs his party’s help, and all they want to do is focus on their own piece of pie which fell into the swamp.

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