Thursday, May 04, 2017

Religious freedom being restored by Trump?

Is that the Johnson rule? The one that Senator Lyndon Johnson rammed through in order to keep his Senate seat? Back in the 40s? The one that atheists and liberal Christians have used to silence those groups they fear? The one that never shut down a black church but left others cowering in fear of . . . what?

Lots of lefties are confused or miseducated by our public schools poor teaching of history. "Separation" of church and state isn't in the Bill of Rights, but the prohibition of the Congress making laws respecting an establishment of religion or its free exercise is. The British colonies were religion specific--some Puritan, some Lutheran, or Quaker or Baptist, Anglican and mixtures. But we do have a Bill of Rights that demands the government get out of the pew, stay away from the altar and pulpit, leave our religious schools, nursing homes and hospitals alone. Over the years with threats of the IRS, the federal and state governments have increasingly made demands on religious groups--one state threatening to close churches if they didn't provide transgender bathrooms. 

Where the atheists and liberal Christians have protection is our country with at least 35,000 denominations and "Bible only" churches agree on very little. For that reason, no government interference is necessary. Where 2 or 3 are gathered, a new denomination will arise. In fact, stopping government interference is one of the few things (abortion being another) Christian churches have ever agreed on.

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