Tuesday, May 02, 2017

If you watch Fox News, what will you do now?

What do you plan to do for news that isn't Soros run or a DNCast to get "the rest of the story" now that the sons have taken Fox under (fired the guy who made it great). Do we really need another CNN? Or MSNBC? Those of us who watch Fox know the difference between news and opinion shows.  For opinions you can watch anything on broadcast or CNN or MSNBC that goes by the name of News. It all starts with the selection which reflects the owners, the advertisers and the producers. On Fox all the panel shows commenting on the days events had a good mix of conservative, liberals, contrarians and libertarians drawn from the various media. In the last 2 months the schedule has been rearranged so often, you'd get whiplash.  Tucker Carlson isn't a news show, but he's been in 3 time slots--first Greta's, then Megyn's then O'Reillly's, and if they muzzle him as they've done the others, he'll be no fun to watch.

There are the talk shows on radio (Hewitt, Prager, Medved), but they only reflect snippets of AP, the NYT or WaPo or what's been filtered by the producers and writers. Patrick Madrid talk radio (Immaculate Heart) has a 3 hour morning show (we only get 1 hour) discussing contemporary events, but I wouldn't call it news exactly.  EWTN has an excellent evening news, but it doesn't come on until 9 p.m. Sensible, reasonable. Thorough. And it doesn't slam Christians.

I suppose we could resubscribe to Glenn Beck which we did for about 3 years. We got tired of his survivalist and religious wanderings (a former Catholic now a Mormon, but with little resemblance to either), and at least in the early years of his show he'd have good news coverage. Not sure what he has going on now, but we got bored with the eclecticism and praying on air.

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Dan Nieman said...

The best thing I ever did waa cut out cable news. I listen to podcasts sponsored by World News Group Christian perspective and the evening news for daily coverage. Those are my two primary news sources.