Monday, May 15, 2017

Re-education camps

Last week I wrote about a professor who had refused to attend one of those reeducation events.  Today I received an e-mail ad for one of those diversity reeducation/mind control events. I won't link to it, but the words "white men" was in the title of the organization. Somehow they had twisted research to determine how much money is lost in bullying of LGBTQ in the tech industry. Big name companies were listed which have used their events according to the PR material.

I wonder if anyone ever asks how much money is lost in bullying overweight employees or older workers or skinny men who aren't athletic, or Christians who leave due to bad jokes and slurs or janitors who don't feel appreciated. The victim industry is huge. What group/minority has ever made personal advancement in employment, social life, politics or health by always being a victim? The ones who clean up are those with moral indignation asking for your money.

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