Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Net neutrality, coupons and capitalism

 Many political conservatives or alternate voices in medicine, history and science are going to YouTube, pod-casts, alternative media to be heard, and to get around the blatant media bias filled with Trump hate and Climate scares. Every day I find new sources--some just awful (bad voice quality, bad IT) and some very good.  Meanwhile when I log in the search engine front pages lie about "net neutrality" and how we need it. No, THEY need it to keep the alternative viewpoints and start ups back. The "wild west" internet is what made these giants like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc., and like all good capitalists who become Democrats in order to fight competition that made them great, they want to put up the barbed wire fences with the government's help. Lots of lobbyists make their livelihood with this.

Forty years ago when I was writing about the coupon scams, it was the same deal. The largest companies put out the most generous offers so they could block the newer products which couldn't afford that kind of advertising in the cut throat grocery business.. Customers fall for coupons every time--can't believe that companies don't exist to "save" you money. Voters are similar. Capitalism works when the big guy eats or stops the little guy. It's still better than government transfers, but you need to understand the game.

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