Thursday, May 25, 2017

What else has no evidence?

Despite no evidence, the media have run with a suspicion of collusion and have 55% of Democrats believing that the individual elections in November were hacked by the Russians. Despite not a single leak of a meeting or discussion of Trump with Russians although there are leaks on everything else, the Democrats are preparing for impeachment. So the real threat to our free elections and constitution are the Democrats with their media handlers, not a foreign government.

Another charge for which there is no evidence, but people believe it anyway, just like the Russia-Trump collusion, is that John Brennan, the CIA director,  is a Muslim. There's no evidence he isn't. Try to prove it. But he did vote Communist in 1976.

There's also no evidence that cradle to grave health insurance offered by the government creates a healthier nation.  Take the American Indians for example. We have 5 government health plans not counting the failing Obamacare. Democrats don't want unfairness or gaps so they are hoping we can all have the same wonderful care and health results as the Bureau of Indian Affairs has produced. Never mind that death rates for heart disease among American Indian and Alaska Native people are twice as high as the overall US population. Diabetes accounts for up to 75 percent of all cardiovascular events. Kidney disease—including chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease requiring dialysis—represents an important epidemic among American Indian and Alaska Native people. We must all be equal and accept what the government offers native peoples. (from

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