Saturday, May 20, 2017

Finding Bill O'Reilly

After Fox got rid of Roger Ailes, it then fired Bill O'Reilly. It is now suffering the consequences as its number drop, and the ridiculous Rachel Maddow is now at the top.  That's beyond me, but it happens. In fact, without a conservative source of news, conservatives like me have just turned off the TV news, so we can't hear all the Trump bashing unless someone else is dissecting the latest leak.  I was never a fan of the O'Reilly show, not because he didn't have interesting stuff, but because of his style of interrupting his guests. Bob watched every night, so from my office I could hear what was happening.  This pod cast (YouTube) Bill discusses the life and firing of Roger Ailes and the so-called news (leaks) of the week. So Bill still has his website, and it offering a podcast.  Not sure I'll stay tuned, however, with no guests to interrupt, it's actually better than his Fox show!

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