Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Looking for alternatives to MSM--The Rubin Report, Tommy Sotomayor, Jesse Lee Peterson

The Rubin Report looks interesting.  David Rubin says he's a gay man married to a man, he's pro-choice, anti-war, but is pro-2nd amendment, and he thinks there's more intolerance from the left than the right, more people on the left who will drop a friend or spouse or relative due to political differences. Amen, brother!

On the Rubin Report I came across Tommy Sotomayor, a black radio/blog host who moved to YouTube and Twitter who discusses issues in the black community. He particularly discusses the damage in the families--particularly women!  "Biggest problem for blacks is fatherless homes and white guilt." "Black men think that the only things that matter are something big and shiny and sleeping with a bunch of chicks. And it's black women who taught them that." Wow. That will get you shut down in a hurry.  He’s been banned from social media, even his funding page. His daughter and mother have been attacked  (Black Lives Matter did that to him). . There are sure a lot of viewpoints out there that don't get covered by cable and broadcast.

I've only watched one show (Tommy Sotomayor interview) on but at least it's an alternative to the same old, same old, racist, sexist, homophobe memes of the mainstream. Host is Jesse Lee Peterson. Peterson is a Christian and talks a lot about forgiveness, and often brings the conversation around to spiritual matters.

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