Friday, May 12, 2017

Calling out black racists 

 Adrienne Ross, the speaker in the above video: It never fails, and I will call it out. My Breitbart video had so many positive comments, but of course, there were the expected comments from some black folks--who have no clue they're racist because they're so busy calling other people racist--who see me and instead of seeing a person who thinks for herself, they only see a black person and thus call me a "token nigger," "coon," etc., because I refuse to stay in my place and subscribe to their thinking. Yep, they--who are black themselves--cannot fathom that a black person could possibly be gifted, hard-working, or bright. Nope, she's black and a conservative, so she must be a token and a sell-out--'cause, you know, she couldn't possibly have earned success. I mean, she's black--but they call white people racist! SMH! It's sick to see such racist black folks and deal with their insults, but I'm used to it--and sadly, have come to expect it. Their control tactics don't work on me, however. I will not be enslaved. Ain't no chains on this sister/sistuh, and they ain't really ready for a discussion with me about themselves or their racist projections. But like I said in the video, I will call it out. How sad to see one who looks like them and to only see what they accuse others of only seeing. Hmmm...

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