Saturday, January 05, 2019

Jennifer, a veterinarian, warns us

“After the first week of the Dems controlling the house, if people can't see they are AGAINST Americans and totally for a globalist NWO agenda, you must be blind. That or they just want to be sure Trump doesn't do anymore good because they want control back. They don't care about YOU, they care about controlling the country!

They call border walls immoral yet they have walls around their own homes and security.

They don't want to spend $5B for border security despite Border Patrol telling America it works and we need it but then they propose increasing taxpayer money sent to other countries by $12B!

They want to raise our taxes despite the policy changes that have more Americans working, higher wages, and more jobs created all the time because of lower taxes and trade deals.

Americans are working again. More people off welfare and more blacks and Hispanics working than ever before. Wages are up. And the Libs want to remove all the policies that made this happen?

Who is the enemy of the American people? Who is wanting us to send our money to OTHER countries? Who is just fine with allowing people to break our laws on the border and sanctuary cities and treat them better than our own citizens?

WAKE UP AMERICA! Stop falling for the con and use some common sense. America is working again, and the Dems are against it either because they hate America, they don't want Trump to succeed helping America, or both.

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