Friday, January 11, 2019

Josee Eric walked away from the Democrats—will vote for Trump in 2020

“I was born and raised in California, San Mateo to be exact. I grew up in a Latino household and surrounded by other Latinos. Like in most cases, most people surround themselves with their own race. If I did not fit in with Latinos, where would I fit in? So naturally, I'd try to act and involve myself with other Latinos. As a legal citizen, I thought it was my duty to help them out.

As I've stated, I grew up in California. Not only was I being influenced by Latinos, but by Democrats as well. They always told me that everyone was created equal, they were going to help Latinos, everyone deserves to be here, etc. I never had a chance to do anything I believed was right because if it they found it wrong, I'd be shamed by democrats or within my Latino community. I had to follow the flow.

Fast forward to 2016, when Donald Trump was running for president. I was taught by those surrounding me that Donald Trump was evil and was racist against Mexicans. The mainstream media, such as Univision, misinformed me and made it seem as Jorge Ramos was standing up for us. As a senior in high school, I believed every word. I did not vote simply because I was too lazy, but I would have voted for Hillary Clinton.

When Donald Trump was elected president, my dance teacher, made it seem like a bad thing. She told us, "I know you're all scared, but we will push through this." She's a nice teacher, so I don't want to look down on her or even offend her out of respect; hence, why I'll stop it at that. I started seeing Democrats on TV being violent almost immediately, I saw Democrats assaulting Trump supporters. It was all chaotic.

What made me go Republican? There was a student in my school who I thought of as very smart and supported Donald Trump. I didn't want to lose a friend so I respected his opinion. He told me his reasons for supporting Donald Trump (I won't give his name for personal reasons). . . and they seemed reasonable to me; however, due to being Latino, I knew I was going to get backslash if I were to admit it.

Then, my government teacher made us all do research on both, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump- including both parties. That's where I've realized that most of my views aligned with the Republican side and Donald Trump. Still, I turned the blind eye decided to stick to Hillary Clinton and the democratic side. Time went by and the same government teacher asked the class what we do if the gay community were to start wanting to get married through the Catholic church. I immediately remembered my mom telling me that God created the male and female for a reason. So I raised my hand and told the teacher, "As a Catholic, [I believe]  God created the man and women for a reason. Meaning, chances are God would not approve of that. I have no problem having them get married through the government and stuff, but if they start messing with our tradition, our faith, then I have a problem." (Keep in mind that I've always questioned my faith, but my Mom is Catholic so I'd consider myself Catholic for her sake.)  My friend told me to shut up because I might get my "ass beat" - he said it to look out for me, not to threaten me.

Now, I've been starting to get really pissed off at the left for all the things they've done. What really made me mad, the final straw, the reason for my walk away were: the migrant caravan, Democrats not wanting to fund the wall, acting childish and then calling the president a child, for not knowing how to respect the president.

I'll admit, I didn't support the wall back in 2016, but after my teacher made us do our research, I've come to realize the wall is necessary.
Worst part about the whole thing, Democrats see me as a monster and say I'm against women's rights, against Latinos, against everything the US stands for. The Latinos, they see me as a traitor, even tell me not tell anyone I'm Latino because I'm dead to them and that I'm an embarrassment to Mexico. The few Republicans have to hide the fact that they’re Republicans because they'll get bashed on as well. So much for freedom of speech. Now I have to know who I can open up to as a conservative Latino. I have to be silent. But it's ok, I'll silently vote for Trump 2020.

This is my walk away story.”

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