Monday, December 09, 2019

Are needy people losing SNAP?

Have you heard your Democrat friends (if you still have any) howling or posting memes about 700,000 people losing food stamp (SNAP) benefits? Actually millions have come off Food Stamps because of Trump's improving economy, but we'll have to fight that later. The October poverty report was amazing.

“The change is limited to able-bodied adults without dependents, so you don't need to envision little AOC crying with no food after daddy died.

There are currently 3 million such people—able bodied adults with no children--receiving food stamp benefits. The overwhelming majority have zero employment and earnings.

Under the rule, some recipient able-bodied adults without dependents who have received aid for more than three months would be required to take a job; if a job is not immediately available, recipients would be required to undertake training, perform community service work, or at least look for a job.
The reform is quite modest: Two-thirds of all recipient able-bodied adults without dependents are exempt from the requirements.”

This sounds a lot like the welfare reform of the mid-1990s. Able body adults need to work for their own self-esteem and work experience so they can move ahead.

I admit, having worked in a jobs program for JPTA in the 1980s, I know there are people who will NEVER be eligible in a meaningful way for work.  We will need to support them the rest of their lives.  You wouldn’t want them near you, either stocking shelves or emptying bed pans. Jobs today can be terribly complex, even checking numbers on a clip board. 

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