Thursday, December 19, 2019

Democrats are very confused about values

My Democrat friends have been rending their clothes and wearing ashes since before the President was inaugurated. They are so clairvoyant they were demanding impeachment before they could find a hoax to call a crime. I'm not surprised it's called a witch hunt, or at least something with supernatural powers. They've moved to the alarming desperation of referring to themselves as patriots and constitutionalists. Meanwhile they are calling Trump supporters "cults" because they vote and support someone who kept his promises about Israel, the military, the border, the VA, ICE, jobs for blacks and minorities, trade deals, protection for unborn babies, lower taxes and healthcare without coercion. They look at the list of religious protections, regulations and laws that have been in place over 50 years and call that Nazi Germany. They are such a confused lot.

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