Friday, December 20, 2019

Christianity Today stumbles badly

Although I'd never call Christianity Today a "far left" magazine, it poked a hornet's nest by attacking President Trump. Trump has done more for Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists by protecting their religious liberty from socialism and appointing judges to balance out our leftist courts than any other president in my life time.

I’m so old I remember when conservatives were horrified that a Roman Catholic could be president; I’m so old I remember that Ronald Reagan’s divorce and remarriage was a topic of media gossip; I’m so old I remember when Gerald Ford’s wife’s divorce years before was grist for the media mill as well as the divorce of his mother and his adoption by his stepfather, named Ford; I’m so old I remember when abortion was taboo for most Christian churches, and now it’s only in the documents of the Catholics who also are ignoring their church’s teaching.  I’m so old I remember when marriage was between a man and a woman.  I'm so old I remember when Cher had a daughter and the Kardashians had a father. I'm so old I remember when ordinary people actually believed it was about medical qualities of marijuana, but presidents inhaled.
My letter to the editor:
Mr. Galli:  
I hope your magazine can survive your attacking our President. I haven't subscribed for years, but do occasionally pick it up at the library. Trump has done more for Christians, and all religious people, than any leader in my life time, and I'm 80. 
With your standards, Jesus would have left Zacchaeus in the tree and the prostitute with a puddle of perfume in the dirt. Plus, you've probably made most adult Christians look like hypocrites, including many pastors and priests. The very thing unbelievers criticize us for. 
I was a Cruz supporter, and didn't want a 3x married businessman/entertainer. But I held my nose; I've been pleasantly surprised to find out some presidents really do keep their promises.

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