Wednesday, December 11, 2019

There was no bias.

The IG report says there was no bias in the FBI's methods and behavior. Whatever. But it also says the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign and using a fake dossier pushed by the Clinton/DNC operatives to get a FISA warrant which was then used improperly.  Seventeen major mistakes (and many more smaller ones), and all made by Democrats.  But there was no bias.

Now maybe that's no bias, but someone owes Trump an apology for the grotesque lies they told. Someone needs to apologize for deceiving the entire country with the media's help. Someone needs to apologize for putting us through this mess for 3 years in their "no bias" campaign to undo the 2016 election and steal the votes of 60,000,000 people. Schiff and Pelosi come to mind--no bias, of course.

But this all began during the Obama administration and he set the whole thing in motion. Yes, the election was interfered with, but it was coming from the White House led by the most powerful man in the world, and that isn't Putin.

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