Saturday, December 28, 2019

Final day of radiation

Phil's final day of radiation was yesterday. It was a shock for me to see this photo. I'd never been to the Zangmeister Center where he had the procedure.  Seizures on October 1, 2019, were the first warning something was wrong. We had just that Saturday gone to our old neighborhood for lunch. So how could he be sick three days later? Glioblastoma stage 4. Surgery a week later, followed by radiation and chemo with 13 bottles of pills lined up and all his notes to ask his doctors and write down their instructions. His family, his many friends (I'm not sure I even know that many people), his church family and his co-workers all rallied ready to help, but mostly he just plowed ahead alone, fiercely independent and brave.

Philip Vincent Bruce--

friend, lover, name of one of the first apostles;

conqueror, popular name among first Christians and saints;

Scottish surname from Normans in France, made famous by the King, Robert the Bruce, brave and independent.

So the name is a perfect fit--we just didn't know that as we sat up late at night 51 years ago trying to pick a name.

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