Thursday, December 26, 2019

Racism is on TV

There’s a black radio talker named James Harris from Arizona  He’s subbing this week for Glen Beck.  This morning to lead into his topic on bigotry and racism he told a story about his father, who had come north from Mississippi during the second black migration to Milwaukee for a good job.  There he met other men from his state and they became friends and spent time together gardening and fishing, sharing all the bounty. A little kid saw 3 of the men arrive at their favorite fishing hole and said, Oh look three N-word.  Two of the guys wanted to thrash him, but Harris’ father stopped them, and reminded them he only knowns what he’s been taught—it’s not his fault. That was the 1960s and Harris says he’s never experienced the kind of racism his dad did—except on TV.  CNN, NBC, MSNBC.  By that I don’t think he meant they were using racist language or cheating blacks out of journalist jobs.  He meant he’s personally unaware of racism until the media promotes “systemic racism,” or “white supremacy” in their stories.  He also reminded the audience that when Trump was a Democrat he was never called a racist—in fact, black celebrities sought him out. When Trump beat the Democrat candidate, the media personalities began complaining about a “white lash” in that melt down we all remember on TV that election night when impeachment went in full gear. 

Something to remember—we don’t have a racist society but we do have racist TV news.

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