Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bug Nazis! They are on the Left

I saw this comment on a Facebook group written by “Tom.”  I giggled at the term, Bug Nazi. Also I didn’t know there were insect identification groups on Facebook, although I should.  I’ve seen them for everything else. . .quilters, photographers, dog lovers, writers, exercise nuts, foodies, . . . really just about every hobby and interest.

“I just decided to leave an insect identification group because the leftist loons running it decided it was important to post an announcement how they were no longer going to tolerate climate change deniers, as if that has anything to do with identifying insects.

My response in a separate post? (They had shut off commenting for this one)

“Goodbye Bug Nazis! Nothing screams intolerance like the bantering of attention-seeking liberals. Insects and climate change are two separate things, but congrats on combining them on this page for some inexplicable reason. Your page, your rules.

In the meantime, since you value scientific evidence so much, please feel free to provide scientific evidence that anything we’ve done to combat climate change over the decades has been effective in reducing global greenhouse gases. You can’t because there is none. Just theories. Climate change is happening but there’s no proof...none...that we can stop it. I won’t be around to see your response, but maybe you can enlighten your members as to the evidence of how combatting climate change has been so successful so far and not just an utter waste of time and money. “

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